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Fluttershy as Dante and my inspiration for this fanfic

Holding Place...

Onichi Kuroi, Origin of a Goddess, Saga 1: Hero, Book 1: Rough Beginnings, Ch. 15
Chapter 15: In Which We Have A Meeting With Trouble.

We arrived in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan in the small village of Rokkasho... a homey village but close to our destination of the temple in Mt. Osore. The smells weren't the best in the world but we couldn't expect much from the populace. Luckily, Tetsu was our translator for our interactions with the locals.

There was just one small problem...

"WHAT!!??" I screamed at Mara, wondering about how I was going to pummel her.

"Don't 'what?" me, I'm a guide, not your travel agent..."

"But you knew we were going to come here, you think you would have checked out if there were any vacancies at the hotels before we got here!"

"Time was of the essence, we need to get here as soon as we could, not my fault it happen to be a busy time of the year, who knew"

I swear I'm going to kill this girl were my thoughts when i had found out this bit of news... the six of us were in the middle of nowhere, Japan and no place to sleep. 

"Hey guys!" I turned around. Tetsu was running towards us with what seems like great and terrible news.

He stopped to catch his breath, looked up at us and said "I have good news and bad news"

"I know i should probably say bad news first but I rather hear the good news first"

"Well, the good news is we are going to have a place to stay for the night..."

"And the bad news..."


"Man, it's hot out here" Xuan complained "and farm work is boring"

Serena throws a clump of dirt at Xuan "Be grateful that we have a place to sleep tonight, you think I like doing farm work?" she shakes her head as she goes back to picking vegetables.

I'm grateful that we have a place to stay... but what a way to earn it... isn't trying to save the world enough work already?

"Well?" Magnus wiped his brow "At least we can discuss our plans without disturbance from the locals or tourists."

"He's right" I say as I pull a daikon radish out of the ground "we need to figure out when we can go to hit the gate before those other five scions hit it"

"I.... got... a pamphlet... when I... .was looking... for shelter..." Tetsu said out of breath, leaning on his farming instrument. "The temple closes at sunset and opens at sun rise, so we got to get there as soon as they close up"

"That should be so hard" Mara said as she was laying back and watching us do the work.

Our eyes projected utmost hated towards our "faithful" companion. "Why aren't you working your us to help us here? You're sleeping in that house as much as we are."

She points to her work with a shit eating grin "Already finished, slackers". Our eyes turned to what she was pointing at and there I stood shocked. Somehow, our guide managed to finish her work in ten fold speed then we were doing.

"But... how... when...?" Tetsu managed to sputter.

"Magic!" She smiled and proceeded to sip her sake, she somehow got out of nowhere.

"You CHEATER!!" Serena screamed as she stomped towards Mara. It took Xuan, Magnus and me just to hold her back from beating the living tar out of Mara.

"You guys have to learn lesson in humility before you start on your journey to the top, and this was the best opportunity to do so." Mara said as she sipped her drink. "You need to remember that despite being of divine parentage, you are still human."

"That's bullshit and you know it! Get... OFF me!" Serena screamed.

It's wasn't til several hours later that we were finished with the work. It was perfect timing... the sun had set and we too set out on our mission.

We took only our essentials with us, leaving the rest with the family. Mara stayed behind to look after our stuff just in case our generous hosts would try and pilfer our belongs. We trekked along the path towards Mt. Osore and our first gate to seal.

"It seems that we are blessed with not having to deal with anyone at the moment" Magnus said as he surveyed the scene.

"Don't jinx us, Magey" Xuan said with his hands behind his head, but irking Magnus "Although, it would make things a bit more interesting, after doing menial labor in the hot sun. OW"

Serena had struck Xuan on his hands and head with her rod. "Be quiet, you insolent monkey."

This is our team, folks, can you believe it? Either way, we finally reached the temple, and to my surprise, I could sense where we had to go... and here I thought we were going to be lost without Mara, but then the feeling that this was all too easy started to rise.

"Guys, be on your toes, we don't know if we are the first ones here at the temple!"

Everyone acknowledged the warning and proceeded with caution.

As we walked towards the surge in energy, that feeling of being watched started to increase until...

"There it is!" Tetsu pointed out. There was the gate, bursting with boiling blue energy as though something was wanting to come out of it.

"Well, here we are, time to seal the first gate"

"Not if we have anything to do with it" a voice called out that wasn't any of our five. And this is where things got interesting...

Onichi Kuroi, Origin of a Goddess, Saga 1: Hero, Book 1: Rough Beginnings, Ch. 14
Chapter 14: In Which It All Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks

I stood at my balcony contemplating about the epic journey before me. I was going to see the world and see it in a different light...

I had gone across teh United States and to Norway to find my comppanions, each of them from different pantheons.




and Magnus...

Each with the potential to be great heroes.

I look at myself though and, even with the small battles that we've been through, I can't see that same potential in me. Out of all the people in this world, why did the gods choose our mortal parents? Why did I have to be a hero?

Besides the teasing and my different looks, I had a fairly normal life. If I was a scion, why didn't I find out earlier?

As mad as Serna was, there was something about her that showed a bit of pride... proud that her father was a god....

On our trip back home before the meeting in San Francisco we had, I had a talk with Magnus. It just struck me as curious as to why he had agreed so easily...
Back on the plane, the night before...

It was a red-eye flight and i couldn't sleep. I got up from my seat and went to the restroom area, looking to see if it was free. It was, so i took advantage while everyone was asleep and went inside, closed and locked the door.

As I sat on the lid of the toilet seat, the pressure of everything coming down on me was felt. Thoughts about everything that happen these last two weeks: the gathering, my father's death, and fthe finding out my mom was a goddess...

I could feel the tears as they came down my face.

This was too much, so much responsibility on my shoulders. i thought to myself Why are the sins of our parents rest on the children  shoulders to clean and bear?

I felt so much rage and sadness this whole time and I had bottled it up because I was made leader like I had no choice and I had to be strong.

Before i could even wipe my tears, i heard a knock on the door.

Knock, Knock, Knock

"I..It's occupied" I try to say without revealing I'd been crying.

"It's me..." I heard Magnus' voice on the other side.

I wiped my tears, splashed some water on my face, and open the door. He had a simple humble smile and felt a little better after seeing it. There was something about him that made me feel at ease.

"You've been crying" he said as I sniffed. Hard to hide from him, I guessed. "What is the matter?" he seemed to whisper.

"All of this... this... mess that our parents are putting us through. I never asked to be leader, my mother just told me I was to gather you together, and save the world. But I don't even know where to start or even why I'm bothering to do this... I mean, you came with us so easily, and some of the others too, but why!?" I was trying hard to keep my voice down, but the pain was so much.

"Oni" Magnus put a reassuring hand on my shoulder "Listen... I came easily because... well the honestly truth is, I wanted to prove something..." He looked a little deterred, like he was holding back. "Have you've the story of my father, Baldur?"

How could I forget?

I proceeded to recite the tale to Magnus "Yes, Baldur had a prophetic dream in which he saw that his own death would bring about the death of the gods, so his mother, Frigg, went to all objects in the earth and made them promise not to hurt his son... all except Mistletoe... Loki, hearing this, went and made a spear made out of mistletoe, which was then given to Höðr, Baldur's blind brother, who killed Baldur..."

"And every since that story..." Magnus interjected "All scions of Baldur have been cursed with the fear of follow in his footsteps... the fact that he's still alive and making children says that the story is just that... a story, yet Baldur's children still fear their doom. So as much as I want to help in the endeavor of helping the Gods, I'm going to prove once and for all that as a child of Baldur, that I will not meet some gruesome fate, that I can change my destiny."

I was speechless, his motivation gave me back my resolve, so I didn't know my parents as early as the rest of them, that doesn't mean I should just sit and sulk. Magnus is will to go against the grain and prove his father's story wrong. I can be strong, I can help save the world...
I looked on at the full moon coming back to the present time. I knew that we could re-enforce those gates, the fact that I made it so far without knowing my mother tells me that I have the strength to be strong, to lead our team to save the world. And the reason i have that strength... is because of a quality that a person should always have in any endeavor one goes on:


Filler, illustrated by Verbal Fresco

From left going clockwise: Tetsuya, Tetsuya with coat, Tetsuya with Female Mara (This story's not even pub'd and i already have y-pairings) :P

Onichi Kuroi, Origin of a Goddess, Saga 1: Hero, Book 1: Rough Beginnings, Ch. 13
Chapter 13: In Which We Finally Get The Party Started.

after about several hours of flying, transferring, driving, and bitching, we finally arrived at my apartment in good ole San Francisco.

Ah, Home, sweet home. I thought to myself.

"Nice pad you got here, O leader" says Xuan as he sits down on my favorite armchair.

"Hmph, it's got potential" says Serena as she slumps onto the couch.

"It's very... quaint" says Magnus, following Serena to the couch.

"I liked it. Although i see no gaming system in sight." says Tetsu as he sits on the floor next to the couch.

Everyone's a critic. Well, after several weeks of concentrating on getting the band together, I finally did it. As a motley crew as we are, I still don't understand why my mom choose for me to be with these scions specifically: a geek, a goth, a playboy, and a model... and then me, the college grad. If there was something in common with all of us, I couldn't tell ya, but I had a feeling that my guide did.

"Well, now that we are all gathered her in this wonderful apartment" Mara, who decided to change again, much to Xuan's displeasure and Mara's amusement "I'm finally gonna tell you why you have been gathered"

Ask a question, and you shall receive.

"You five specifically, all have one thing in common, you are the keys to saving this world"

"Yes, yes, we are scions, helping our parents and saving the world, we know this already." Serena interjected, she seemed a bit annoyed.

"I was getting to that point, Baroness" Serena shut up'd "Anyways, as you know we are at war with the titans, unfortunately you will not have to fight the titans directly. Your mother" he directed at me "has chosen you to come together, but to tell the truth, all of you were destined to come together sooner or later."

"Wait wait wait, back up" Magnus spoke up this time. "You are saying that it was 'written' for the five of us to come together? For what purpose?"

"If you would please wait!" Mara eyes glowed with fire. Magnus also put in his place.

"Does anybody else have something to say?" Tetsu almost put up his hand but I smacked it down to save him from a verbal beating.

"Thank you... as. I. was. SAYing... there was an incident some during world war II which might have caused some of the barrier which holds back the titans from being released out from the world. Now before anyone asks, no we can't kill the titans because if we do then the whole world goes kaput. Surprising as it is, we can only seal them away. Now, onto the point of this. There are 5 barriers that need to be 'updated' sort to say, the seals are weakening and need to be re-enforced. Each of you has within you the power to re-enforce these barriers thus effectively keeping those titans from getting out."

"What is the reason for the barriers weakening?" I asked

"Now that you asked... let's just say that not ALL scions want to help out the gods. There were a group of scions who have been helping into weakening the barriers." He pulled out was seemed to be 5 profiles.

-Hector Kosta, Scion of Hephaestus, supposed leader of this band, former mechanic, with a face that only a mother, and his father would love

-Kamil Rasheed, Scion of Horus, second-in-command, ex-cop, turned in his badge due to taking the law in his own hands.

-Marisol Sanchez, Scion of Quetzalcoátl, medic of the group, used to be in insane asylum, was a little too devoted to daddy when it came to sacrifices... or giving blood to him.

-Martha McCarthy, Scion of Danu, one of the muscles of the group, second to Kamil, can handle her liquor and herself in a fight, you don't want to mess with her.

and finally:

-Roy Johnson, Scion of Br'er Rabbit, ex-con on the run, usually the one to do the stealth operations of the group, escaped out of maximum security prison... 3 times.

"Looks like we got our work cut out for us." Xuan said as he smiled "O ho, this is gonna be fun!" he sounded like a kid at Christmas.

"Well, it seems that most of these scions has a hatred towards our divine parents, but it seems like... hmmm" Magnus pondered.

"What is it, Maggie?" Xuan said.

Magnus closed his eyes, suppressing what look like wanting to sock him "The name... is Magnus. But what i was thinking, besides that you need to grow up, is that most of these scion's parents have something against our parents."

"More specifically, Onichi's parent" Serena said as she and the rest of the group looked at me.

I could feel the stares upon me. Why me? I though Why am I the center of attention now? Not like I knew about this mission before I took it on.

I started to say "Look, the point is that all of us are special and-"

"Not as special as you, Red-Eyed Girl" Xuan said before he was given a dead leg by Serena. 

"You just never learn to shut up" Serena said as she gave Xuan a cold look.

"What can I say?" he said out of breath but still managing a smile. "I'm my father's son"

"GUYS!" we all turned around to see that it was Tetsu on the floor. "We need to focus, doesn't matter who's parent gave the order, why were we gathered or what the hell we are going up against. It does matter that this needs to be done for the greater good of this world, the next and the world above..."

Holy S***, had that just come out of Tetsu's mouth? the one that is usually quiet? Whether it did or not, it didn't stop him from being right. We were born into this world for a higher purpose, at the moment our purpose was to strengthen the barriers that were made weak by our supposedly new rivals. It seemed that the s*** on our plate was rising at an alarming rate, and we only just got the team together.  Still ticked me off that all of my team members found out about their parents before I did, despite being the oldest I felt like I was the youngest. I'm sure most scions meet their parents earlier then 27 but if i did meet my mother before then i wouldn't been able to have a normal life... but these scions had time to adjust to their situations in their own way. Me? I've only had the equivalent of 2 weeks or more at best. And now I'm supposed to go out into the world and prevent these barriers from falling apart. I was feeling rather selfish, I wanted to do nothing and go back to my normal life, without my father, and just except the end when it came... but the other part of me knew I couldn't live with myself if I just ignored my responsibility as a scion.

I finally spoke "He has a point... we need to do this. Mara... Where are these places we need to fix?"

"Right. The five places are located in each of your respective countries" Mara started.

Xuan was about to say something when Mara gave him the stink eye. He shut up'd right away and smiled.

"And we have to hit them in a specific order, and get there at a specific time of the day: Osorezan in Japan, Baiyan Temple in China, Church of our Lady in Denmark, Dutch Reformed Groote Kerk in South Africa, and finally last but not least Dakshineswar Kali Temple in India"

"Should have guessed that these barriers would be in churches and temple." spoke Magnus "But I'm guessing these specific times are going to have to be at night?"

"Yep... O I forgot to mention, we got to get there at a specific date too." Mara smiled as he dealt out the info.

"It's never easy." Tetsu said as he shook his head. "God this makes 'Demon Souls' look easy"

Serena seemed a little fustrated "Hey, Geek-boy, nobody gets the video game references, alright?"

"Guys, look we have our heading, our times, we need to hop on this." this might be a LOT harder then I thought, I turned towards Mara "When's the first gate going to need re-enforcement?"

"In about 3 days time"

Xuan clapped in excitement "Awesome, this will gives a day of rest and then out to ADVENTURE!!" 

Well, Xuan was right about one thing... this might be the last time we get rest, the next time... it'll be 6 feet under if we aren't careful.... or worse.


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