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Onichi Kuroi, Origin of a Goddess, Saga 1: Hero, Book 1: Rough Beginnings, Ch. 14
Chapter 14: In Which It All Hit Me Like A Ton of Bricks

I stood at my balcony contemplating about the epic journey before me. I was going to see the world and see it in a different light...

I had gone across teh United States and to Norway to find my comppanions, each of them from different pantheons.




and Magnus...

Each with the potential to be great heroes.

I look at myself though and, even with the small battles that we've been through, I can't see that same potential in me. Out of all the people in this world, why did the gods choose our mortal parents? Why did I have to be a hero?

Besides the teasing and my different looks, I had a fairly normal life. If I was a scion, why didn't I find out earlier?

As mad as Serna was, there was something about her that showed a bit of pride... proud that her father was a god....

On our trip back home before the meeting in San Francisco we had, I had a talk with Magnus. It just struck me as curious as to why he had agreed so easily...
Back on the plane, the night before...

It was a red-eye flight and i couldn't sleep. I got up from my seat and went to the restroom area, looking to see if it was free. It was, so i took advantage while everyone was asleep and went inside, closed and locked the door.

As I sat on the lid of the toilet seat, the pressure of everything coming down on me was felt. Thoughts about everything that happen these last two weeks: the gathering, my father's death, and fthe finding out my mom was a goddess...

I could feel the tears as they came down my face.

This was too much, so much responsibility on my shoulders. i thought to myself Why are the sins of our parents rest on the children  shoulders to clean and bear?

I felt so much rage and sadness this whole time and I had bottled it up because I was made leader like I had no choice and I had to be strong.

Before i could even wipe my tears, i heard a knock on the door.

Knock, Knock, Knock

"I..It's occupied" I try to say without revealing I'd been crying.

"It's me..." I heard Magnus' voice on the other side.

I wiped my tears, splashed some water on my face, and open the door. He had a simple humble smile and felt a little better after seeing it. There was something about him that made me feel at ease.

"You've been crying" he said as I sniffed. Hard to hide from him, I guessed. "What is the matter?" he seemed to whisper.

"All of this... this... mess that our parents are putting us through. I never asked to be leader, my mother just told me I was to gather you together, and save the world. But I don't even know where to start or even why I'm bothering to do this... I mean, you came with us so easily, and some of the others too, but why!?" I was trying hard to keep my voice down, but the pain was so much.

"Oni" Magnus put a reassuring hand on my shoulder "Listen... I came easily because... well the honestly truth is, I wanted to prove something..." He looked a little deterred, like he was holding back. "Have you've the story of my father, Baldur?"

How could I forget?

I proceeded to recite the tale to Magnus "Yes, Baldur had a prophetic dream in which he saw that his own death would bring about the death of the gods, so his mother, Frigg, went to all objects in the earth and made them promise not to hurt his son... all except Mistletoe... Loki, hearing this, went and made a spear made out of mistletoe, which was then given to Höðr, Baldur's blind brother, who killed Baldur..."

"And every since that story..." Magnus interjected "All scions of Baldur have been cursed with the fear of follow in his footsteps... the fact that he's still alive and making children says that the story is just that... a story, yet Baldur's children still fear their doom. So as much as I want to help in the endeavor of helping the Gods, I'm going to prove once and for all that as a child of Baldur, that I will not meet some gruesome fate, that I can change my destiny."

I was speechless, his motivation gave me back my resolve, so I didn't know my parents as early as the rest of them, that doesn't mean I should just sit and sulk. Magnus is will to go against the grain and prove his father's story wrong. I can be strong, I can help save the world...
I looked on at the full moon coming back to the present time. I knew that we could re-enforce those gates, the fact that I made it so far without knowing my mother tells me that I have the strength to be strong, to lead our team to save the world. And the reason i have that strength... is because of a quality that a person should always have in any endeavor one goes on:



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